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Geosciences And Water Resources

RRP $409.99

This volume contains selected up-to-date professional papers prepared by specialists from various disciplines related to geosciences and water resources. Thirty papers discuss different aspects of environmental data modeling. It provides a forum bringing together contributions, both theoretical and applied, with special attention to Water in Ecosystems, Global Atmospheric Evolution, Space and Earth Remote Sensing, Regional Environmental Changes, Accessing Geoenvironmental Data and Ecotoxicological Issues. "Geosciences and Water Resources: Environmental Data Modeling" is now the fourth volume in the Series "Data and Knowledge in a Changing World". Launched by CODATA after the 14th International Conference of the Committee on Data for Sciences and Technology, in Chambery, the purpose of this new Series is to collect from widely varying fields a wealth of information pertaining to the intelligent exploitation of data in science and technology and to make that information available to a multidisciplinary community. The present series encompasses a broad range of contributions, including computer-related handling and visualization of data, to the major scientific, tech­ nical, medical and social fields. The titles of the previous published volumes are: The Information Revolution: Impact on Science and Technology. Modeling Complex Data for Creating Information. Industrial Information and Design Issues.

Technology, Natural Resources And Economic Growth

RRP $394.99

Through a combination of global data analysis and focused country level analysis, this timely book provides answers to the most pertinent country and industry specific questions defining the current relationship between technology, natural resources and economic growth. Shunsuke Managi takes a distinctive approach by focusing on the design and implementation of environmental regulations that encourage technological progress and, in doing so, looks at ways to ensure productivity improvements in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations and natural resource depletion. The findings in this important book demonstrate how successful environmental policies can contribute to efficiency by encouraging, rather than inhibiting, technological innovation. Technology, Natural Resources and Economic Growth will provide a valuable resource for a wide readership including postgraduate students, researchers, academics and policy makers working in the fields of environmental and ecological economics.

Water Resources Engineering

RRP $573.99

For a basic course in water resources engineering. Also appropriate for more advanced undergraduate and graduate courses and as a reference for practicing engineers. Designed to provide a broad coverage of pertinent topics concerning water resource engineering, this text focuses on fundamental topics of hydraulics, hydrology, and water management. Water resources engineering concepts and methods are addressed from the perspective of practical applications in water management and associated environmental and infrastructure management. The focus is on mathematical modeling and analysis using state-of-the-art computational techniques and computer software. The text is written to easily adapt to the spectrum of ways that individual courses and sequences of undergraduate and graduate courses are organized at various universities, providing flexibility for the instructor.

A Designer's Guide To Vhdl Synthesis

RRP $574.99

A Designer's Guide to VHDL Synthesis is intended for both design engineers who want to use VHDL-based logic synthesis to design ASICs and for managers who need to gain a practical understanding of the issues involved in using this technology. The emphasis has been placed more on practical applications of VHDL and synthesis based on actual experiences, rather than on a more theoretical approach to the language.
VHDL and logic synthesis tools provide very powerful capabilities for ASIC design, but are also very complex and represent a radical departure from traditional design methods. This situation has made it difficult to get started in using this technology for both designers and management, since a major learning effort and "culture" change is required. A Designer's Guide to VHDL Synthesis has been written to help design engineers and other professionals successfully make the transition to a design methodology based on VHDL and logic synthesis instead of the more traditional schematic based approach. While there are a number of texts on the VHDL language and its use in simulation, little has been written from a designer's viewpoint on how to use VHDL and logic synthesis to design real ASIC systems. The material in this book is based on experience gained in successfully using these techniques for ASIC design and relies heavily on realistic examples to demonstrate the principles involved.

Water Resources And Land-use Planning: A Systems Approach

RRP $271.99

This volume constitutes the proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Water Resources and Land-Use Planning that was held in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, July 3-14, 1978. In the pre- paration of the two-week NASI, we identified 12 major goals and objectives, knowing well, at the time, that the satisfaction of all priorities would be an impossible task. It is instructive that we share these early goals and objectives with our readers prior to evaluating the NASI's contribution. 1. Relate and analyze water resources (water quantity and quality, surface and groundwater) and related land resources in a multi- objective framework. 2. Identify and relate the scientific, technological, institu- tional, societal, legal and political aspects of water and related land resources to policy decisions. 3. Promote and foster the transfer of technological information and assistance in water related land resources within the var- ious levels of government. 4. Analyze the above three objectives and goals in light of the experience gained by the institute participants via case studies. 5. Improve communication and understanding among the various dis- ciplines involved in water and related land resources. 6. Discuss and analyze the applicability of advanced planning methodologies germane to water and related land resources. 7. Identify current and projected future water and related land resources problems and issues and suggest ways to alleviate their respective and interrelated impacts.


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