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Technology, Natural Resources And Economic Growth

RRP $394.99

Through a combination of global data analysis and focused country level analysis, this timely book provides answers to the most pertinent country and industry specific questions defining the current relationship between technology, natural resources and economic growth. Shunsuke Managi takes a distinctive approach by focusing on the design and implementation of environmental regulations that encourage technological progress and, in doing so, looks at ways to ensure productivity improvements in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations and natural resource depletion. The findings in this important book demonstrate how successful environmental policies can contribute to efficiency by encouraging, rather than inhibiting, technological innovation. Technology, Natural Resources and Economic Growth will provide a valuable resource for a wide readership including postgraduate students, researchers, academics and policy makers working in the fields of environmental and ecological economics.

Managing Human Resources

RRP $853.99

Snell/Morris/Bohlander's market-leading MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES, 17TH EDITION builds upon a foundation of research and theory with an inviting, practical framework that focuses on today's most critical HR issues and current practices. The text's engaging writing style and strong visual design use more than 500 memorable examples from a variety of real organizations to illustrate key points and connect concepts to current HR practice. Fresh examples throughout this edition, coupled with a robust media package, spotlight the latest developments and critical trends, while hands-on applications focus on practical tips and suggestions for success. The book's integrated learning system and comprehensive package provide you more resources for effectively teaching your class. Look to the leader, MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES, 17TH EDITION, to enable your students to think and act like managers by developing the competencies that will help tomorrow's organizations create a sustainable competitive advantage through people.

Reusing Online Resources

RRP $332.99

To improve the cost effectiveness and sustainability of e-learning, many national and international initiatives are pioneering new ways in which educators can share their curricula with teachers and learners around the world. To enable this global sharing, educators must learn to design, manage and implement reusable electronic educational resources. This unique book outlines approaches to sharing and reusing resources for e-learning.
Drawing upon research by 30 prominent scholars from seven countries, the authors offer multiple perspectives from school, continuing and higher education as well as industry. It is essential reading for those implementing e-learning in education and corporate training, including teachers, trainers, academics, educational developers and support staff as well as senior managers.

Architect's Room Design Data Handbook

RRP $326.99

Architect's Room Design Data Handbook Fred A. Stitt If you're like most architectural interior designers, you spend 300r more of your time on room data research. Here's a source of information that will greatly reduce your research time-and lead you directly to the facts you need, when you need them. It covers standards, requirements, and commonly used choices for every element in every type of room in every kind of building-from room areas, fixtures, and lighting, to acoustics, HVAC, and fire protection. Data was compiled from dozens of different sources to save you from having to hunt through them yourself. It can be annotated and customized for your own design firm, or put into a computer database for even speedier access. All information is organized by specific building and room type in the order that you need it. High-, mid-, and low-cost options are provided throughout to help you make sure your clients get what they want at a fair price-whether the project is an auditorium, commercial space, housing, medical facility, public building, school, industrial building, or athletic facility. In one convenient source, here's the design data you need on: the most commonly used flooring, walls, and ceiling types occupancy and fire requirements lighting requirements, information on electrical power, plumbing, and sound-proofing plumbing needs, necessary air changes per hour, and temperature limits desired fixtures,fittings, equipment, and furnishings and many other elements critical to design. While other design guides cover some of the design details you need, Architect's Room Design Data Handbook covers all of them. It's an essential, time- and money- saving reference for architects, interior designers, and facility planners.

Human Resources Management

RRP $815.99

This popular text written from a "what human resources can do for you" perspective, demonstrates how human resources fit into the organizational big picture. Many cross-functional topics are integrated throughout the text including, marketing, finance, operations, and accounting. Updated cases include material that reinforces the key concepts presented in the text and provides an additional practical perspective to problems faced by human resource managers. The market includes all universities that teach a course in Human Resource Management. It may be used for both upper-division undergraduate and graduate level courses.


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